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Unlimited Access to Interactive Charts Prime

MacroMicro is the first platform in Asia dedicated to enabling users to explore the connections between data and investment targets. Unlock unlimited access to our growing collection of interactive charts that visualize movement and trends of extensive macroeconomic and financial indicators.

  • Quantitative Analysis Discover links between data and investment performance
  • Proprietary Indicators Tap into our exclusive indicators that capture fundamentals of various investment targets
  • Data Visualization apture complex trends with interactive charts and engage in insightful discussions
  • Long-Term Trends Uncover investment opportunities by analyzing historical data
  • Powerful Tech Automatically updated data consolidated on one platform to help you stay ahead of the game

Comprehensive macroeconomic data at your service, spanning from global markets and diverse asset classes, including equities, forex, bonds and commodities, with more indicators and exciting features to come.

Unlimited access to our interactive charts
Create your own charts

Powerful Toolbox for Your Every Research Need Prime

Gain access to one of the largest databases housing extensive macroeconomic and financial data. Utilize the Toolbox exclusive to MM Prime members to conduct your own analysis and create charts to visualize unique insights. Save and follow charts or utilize features to back-test your investment approach and identify the best timing and strategy for you.

  • Line charts Choose your own indicators for personalized analysis
  • Performance Compare price movements to identify assets delivering strong performance
  • Seasonality Identify seasonal trends by comparing data across years and quarters
  • Returns Calculate and compare prices and cumulative returns with just a few clicks
  • Correlation Evaluate data correlation and discover leading or lagging relationships between indicators
  • Timeline Assess the impact of various events on asset prices at one glance
  • Back-testing Develop your own entry and exit strategies and optimize them through back-testing against comprehensive economic data
ETF Screener

Comprehensive ETF Screener & Analysis Tools Prime

MacroMicro’s ETF Toolbox encompasses over 3,000 ETFs across global markets. By offering extensive information and filters in a single integrated platform, our analytical tools empower you to find the ETFs that best suit your investment needs and goals.

  • Screener Search and screen through thousands of ETFs by asset class, sector, return, risk exposure, and many more filters
  • Comparator Effortlessly compare up to four ETFs side by side to gain valuable insights to inform your investment strategy
  • Stock-ETF Reverse Search Look for ETFs that hold the stocks you’re looking for, including holding information and more
Exclusive reports from the MM Analyst Team

Exclusive Reports & Insights Prime

MacroMicro offers featured reports dissecting the latest market trends and key charts to watch. Our reports present quality recaps and analysis on major markets from our team of experienced analysts and researchers to help you cut through the noise and navigate in an era of information explosion.

The Ultimate Hub for Macroeconomic Professionals Prime

The MM community brings together individuals and professionals passionate about macroeconomics research and investment. Take advantage of the chartmaker and analytical tools from MM Prime and share your takes with the community for meaningful discussions that enable growth and insights. Meanwhile, earn likes that can be converted to M coins for more member benefits.

Join us now to take charge of your investment journey and invest with insights!

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  • 1.I'm already registered as a MacroMicro member. Why should I subscribe to MM Prime?
  • MM Prime is the subscription option that will continue to grow. By subscribing to MM Prime, besides enjoying unlimited access to all charts on the website, exclusive reports, all features of Toolbox, ETF Screener and analysis tools, you will also get exclusive access to new features to be released in the near future that will help you further elevate your investment strategy.

  • 2.I've subscribed to the monthly plan. How do I switch to the yearly plan?
  • You can switch to the yearly plan at Member Profile > Payment History.

  • 3.What's the benefit of automatic renewal?
  • Automatic renewals allow you to enjoy uninterrupted service from your subscription plan without having to manually renew your subscription constantly. On top of that, by selecting to auto-renew your subscription, you get to lock in the subscription price at the time of enrollment, a benefit we extend to dedicated users that stay with us. Once you discontinue your subscription, new pricing may apply when you re-subscribe.

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  • To cancel your subscription, please go to Member Profile > Payment History

    Upon canceling your subscription, your subscription service will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. You will not be charged on the next renewal date.

  • 5.What if I accidentally created another account and also made a subscription there?
  • Please email [email protected] and our customer support team will assist you with merging the accounts.

  • 6.I've paid for my subscription plan but can't access the services after logging into my account. What's going on?
  • Each login method is treated as a separate account. If you have used different login methods to access MacroMicro in the past, we recommend trying other login methods to check if you're accessing the account linked to your subscription plan.

    If the problem is not resolved, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] for further assistance.

  • 7.How do I cancel my subscription and upcoming automatic payments?
  • If you're using a credit card or UnionPay as the payment method, you can cancel your subscription at Member Profile > Payment History.

    Upon canceling your subscription, your subscription service will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. You will not be charged on the next renewal date.

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  • 8.Will I receive any email notifications when my subscription plan is automatically renewed? What happens if my credit card expired and I forget to update the payment method?
  • Yearly plan subscribers will receive an auto-renewal reminder email 10 days before their current plan expires. Both monthly and yearly plan subscribers will receive a payment confirmation email from NewebPay whenever a payment for subscription auto-renewal is successfully completed. To make sure auto-renewal subscribers won't lose their subscription price due to an expired credit card, the billing date for auto-renewals is set at 2 days before the ongoing subscription's expiration date. If a payment didn’t go through, you will receive an email alert from us to notify you that the latest auto-renewal payment was unsuccessful and that further actions are required from you. If you have received this email, please promptly update your credit card information at Member Profile > Payment History > Change/Update Credit Card.

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