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Taiwan Monitoring Indicators 11/26
Prev:38.00 Exp:-- Act:39.00
Taiwan Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index 12/1
Prev:58.30 Exp:-- Act:54.90
Taiwan Consumer Price Index (YoY) 12/7
Prev:2.58% Exp:--
Taiwan Total Export Trade (YoY) 12/7
Prev:24.60% Exp:--
Taiwan Total Import Trade (YoY) 12/7
Prev:37.20% Exp:--

Market Watch

Taiwan TAIEX 17,697.14
TWOI 227.88
Electronic Sector Index Futures 852.98
Finance Sector Index Futures 1,657.96
Taiwanese Dollar 27.72
South Korean Won 1,180.00

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