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The real art is to know which phase the market is in.

(André Kostolany)

The market operates in cycles, and with our distinctive research approach that focuses on cycle analysis and data-driven insights, we empower investors to understand economic cycles and strategize their investment.

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The market has gone through four full economic cycles in the past 40 years​

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Over the past 40 years, US heavy weight truck sales had consistently led reversals in the S&P 500 index by around one year. Meanwhile, Taiwanese electronics export has been a leading indicator for global tech stocks.

MM presents dynamic charts where more investing ideas are hiding. We’re here to enhance your investment strategy and efficiency.

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MM creates exclusive charts of economic cycles and fundamental indices for specific asset classes. We provide integral analysis on major economies and investment targets, enabling investors to swiftly and fully comprehend key trends.

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Access extensive datasets and key functions to conduct your own analysis. With MacroMicro's powerful Toolbox, you can create charts, analyze performance or correlation, investigate impact of macro events, backtest your strategy, and more.

Toolbox enables in-depth analysis and makes pro-level resources accessible to everyone looking to chart their own path to investment success.

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