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The real art is to know in which phase the market is.

(André Kostolany)

We believe the market is going from cycle to cycle, and with our research method - cycle and data analysis, we teach investors to comprehend economic cycles and to strategize their investment.​

The market has gone through four full economic cycles in the past 40 years

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Dynamic charts automatically showcasing investing trends

We've discovered that during the past 40 years, US heavy weight truck sales reversed ahead of S&P 500 index by one year every time, and that Taiwanese electronics export has been the leader of global tech stocks.

MM presents dynamic charts where more investing ideas are hiding, and we'll come to your aid.

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Exclusive indicators of fundamentals that help you grasp the market direction

MM creates exclusive charts of economic cycles and indices of commodity fundamentals. We provide integral analysis on major economies and commodities, enabling investors to understand fast and fully.

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With a powerful toolbox in hand,
you can be an analyst, too

We provide access to our database, and five tools: chart maker, rate of return, relevance, timeline, and beta calculators.

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We produce video and written tutorials,
making progress every single day

We believe everyone should learn about Economic Operation. We educate investors to invest responsibly.

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Professional Macro Investment Platform
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MM is building a community where economic fundamentals is emphasized: Analysts. Join us and share your insight.

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