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China Total Value of Exports (USD, YoY) 4/13
Prev:60.60% Exp:32.70% Act:49.0%
China Total Value of Imports (USD, YoY) 4/13
Prev:22.20% Exp:21.60% Act:38.1%
China Real Gross Domestic Product (YoY) 4/16
Prev:6.50% Exp:10.50% Act:18.3%
China The Urban Surveyed Unemployment Rate 4/16
Prev:5.50% Exp:5.50% Act:5.3%
China Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods (YoY) 4/16
Prev:33.80% Exp:27.20% Act:34.2%
China Actually Completed Fixed Assets Investment, Accumulated (YoY) 4/16
Prev:35.00% Exp:25.30% Act:25.6%

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