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US Housing Starts (SAAR) 7/20
Prev:1572.00k Exp:1590.00k Act:1643.00k
US Building Permits (SAAR) 7/20
Prev:1683.00k Exp:1700.00k Act:1598.00k
US Crude Oil Inventories (weekly change) 7/21
Prev:-7897.00k Exp:-4167.00k Act:2108.00k
US Initial Jobless Claims 7/22
Prev:360.00k Exp:350.00k Act:419K
US Existing Home Sales (SAAR) 7/22
Prev:5800.00k Exp:5900.00k Act:5860.00k
US New Home Sales (SAAR) 7/26
Prev:769.00k Exp:800.00k

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