Service Term and Conditions

Welcome to the “MacroMicro” Site (hereinafter referred to as MacroMicro or Site). The Site, which is constructed by MacroMicro, is engaged in providing services pursuant to the MacroMicro Service Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”). Your access to Site shall represent that you have read, understood and agreed to all of the service statements made by Site, including service terms and conditions, disclaimer and privacy policy. Your continuous access to Site upon any amendments to or changes of the Terms and Conditions shall also represent that you have read, understood and agreed to the amendments/changes. Any other matters not covered herein shall be implemented in accordance with the R.O.C. laws.

  1. Rules for Users

    The users’ access to any services available or to be available on Site shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions.

    The users shall comply with the following principles in the process of the access; otherwise, MacroMicro shall be entitled to suspend, cancel or terminate the member services, in whole or in part, without a prior notice:

    1. Compliance with the relevant local laws and regulations;
    2. Prohibition of any access for any illegal purposes;
    3. Compliance with the Internet protocol and requirements related to network services;
    4. Prohibition of any activities against MacroMicro’s interest via the MacroMicro service system;
    5. Any access without authorization shall be notified to MacroMicro immediately after it is found.
  2. User Name and Password

    MacroMicro users shall register their own user names and password, which represent your identity on the MacrMicro. You undertake never to access the MacroMicro for any illegal purposes or in any illegal manners, and commit to comply with all of the related R.O.C. laws and international practices on the access to Internet. If you are a user from any country other than the R.O.C., you shall agree to comply with the laws and regulations applicable in the relevant country or territory.
    In conclusion, MacroMicro hereby requests you to note the following instructions:

    1. You are only allowed to use one single package of user name and password. Please do not register the same repeatedly;
    2. The same user name is allowed to access Site via no more than two devices or browsers. If the same user name accesses the Site via more than two devices or browsers, MacroMicro is entitled to stop the access by the user name;
    3. You shall be fully responsible for the comments or opinions posted by you on MacrMicro. Please never post any fake statement or engage in any activity against laws or infringing upon another person’s interest and right under another person's name falsely;
    4. Please do keep your personal password with care and never disclose or make the same available to another person arbitrarily. Any behavior done upon access to MacroMicro via the same user name and password shall constitute the personal behavior of the user name and password owner for which the user name and password owner shall be fully responsible;
    5. If you find or suspect that any person uses your user name or password privately, please change the user name and password immediately, and notify MacroMicro immediately;
    6. All users may present different opinions and ideas about any issue. Notwithstanding, please avoid personal attack or defamation;
    7. If any information you upload or post on MacroMicro refers to the business secret or intellectual property right information owned by another person, please do seek the legal license in advance. If a user violates the intellectual property right laws on Site, he/she shall be held committing the violation personally and shall bear the liability solely, while no legal liability will be borne by MacroMicro;
    8. Please do not engage in the promotional, advertising or marketing campaign for any business organization, product or service, or any other business activities, on MacroMicro (e.g. sale or brokerage, or attempted sale or brokerage of any securities);
    9. Please do not upload any statement or information involving pornography, obscene, misrepresentation or violations of laws and good morals in order to avoid penalty and punishment;
    10. Please do not transmit or spread computer virus, massive spam mails or other similar illegal programs.
    11. You may request to unsubscribe or delete your personal information. Please keep in mind that you can no longer use the service provided by MacroMicro once you have reset it. If you do not wish to receive newsletters or event notifications, you can unsubscribe anytime. If you encounter any problems, please contact our customer service. You may request account deletion by sending an email to [email protected].
  3. Related Advertisements

    The text, picture, animation, voice, video, or descriptions about the product or service in any other form featured in the advertisements broadcast or run on MacroMicro are all provided by the advertiser or advertising agent. Out of the intent to respect the advertiser’s or advertising agent’s right, MacroMicro will not review the contents of the advertisement. Therefore, you shall judge the accuracy and reliability of the advertisement on your own, while MacroMicro will not be liable for guaranteeing the contents therein.

  4. Information Posted by Other Users

    You shall act cautiously when reading or accessing the statement or information available on MacroMicro, including any analysis, opinions and comments. The statement or information posted by the other users doesn’t constitute any statement, opinion or position upheld by MacroMicro. MacroMicro will not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the same, or bear any liability thereof.

  5. Contents on MacroMicro Provided for Reference Only

    The information, links and analysis tools made available on Site are provided for reference to help users make investment decision, but not intended to suggest or imply anything about investment or wealth management. All users shall act carefully when making specific decision about investment or wealth management. All of the data available on Site are based on the information released officially. You shall bear the loss from the transaction carried out based on the information accessed on MacroMicro, if any, on your own. Therefore, please assess the risk carefully.

  6. MacroMicro’s Authority

    MacroMicro reserves the right to delete or amend the information uploaded or posted by you, or cancel your authority of access, directly without prior notice. If you misuse another person’s name, post any fake statement or violate laws or public order or good moral on Site, you shall bear the relevant legal liability solely. MacroMicro will use the best effort and work with the competent authority to conduct the relevant investigation.

    Meanwhile, MacroMicro also reserves the right to add, amend or delete any activities or services made available on Site without prior notice.

  7. Suspension, Interruption or Termination of Services on Site

    In any of the following circumstances, MacroMicro shall be entitled to suspend, interrupt or terminate the services, in whole or in part, without payment of damages to the users:

    1. Relocation, replacement, upgrading or maintenance of the MacroMicro-related system and equipment;
    2. Suspension or interruption of the services caused by circumstances not attributed to MacroMicro;
    3. Suspension or interruption of the services due to force majeure.
  8. Subscription Paid Services

    Apart from regular members, you can become a subscriber through our paid subscription service. MacroMicro offers functionalities, service scopes, and pricing for subscribers, which may be adjusted based on the website's development. Please visit the Subscription page to understand the latest offerings. Subscribers can cancel their paid status anytime and continue to enjoy related services until the end of the billing cycle (monthly or yearly). Within the bounds of applicable law, payments are non-refundable. For monthly (or yearly) billed customers, we do not refund for any duration less than a month (or year). To cancel, please go to the [Member Profile > Payment History] page. If you cancel your subscription, the paid features will automatically expire at the end of the current billing cycle and no deductions will be made on the next renewal date.

    In accordance with the laws of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) and as set forth by Article 2, Subsection 5 of the "The Regulations on Reasonable Matters as Exceptions to Rescind the Distance Sales", once you authorize the debit for the purchase of the subscription services on this website, the service is deemed to have been fully rendered. Therefore, the 7-day rescission right for telecommunication transactions under Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act is not applicable.​

  9. M-coin Usage Agreement
    1. MacroMicro members can obtain M-coins for free through periodic marketing activities or purchase them on the website. 
    2. After obtaining M-coins, users can exchange them for specified services on MacroMicro. This exchange is irreversible unless the service hasn't been received yet. The system will first use the M-coins purchased by the user, and if insufficient, it will deduct from the free M-coins.
    3. M-coins received from marketing activities are complimentary gifts and are non-refundable. Some promotional M-coins have a validity period; those exceeding the period will expire. Please exchange them before 23:00 (GMT+8) on the last valid day to avoid missing the opportunity.
    4. If you wish to terminate this contract and apply for a refund of the purchased M-coins, you should follow the website's procedure. Ensure you fill out the "Refund Application Form" correctly and attach the required documents (including but not limited to discount vouchers, bank account details, etc.) and send it to [email protected]; otherwise, the refund cannot be processed. Refunds for purchased M-coins are done on a first-come-first-serve basis. The company will calculate based on the original price of the M-coins (before discount). 
    5. The only methods available for refunds are to the original credit card used for the transaction. If the original payment method cannot process the refund for any reason, the refund will be made to a Taiwan dollar bank account within the territory of the R.O.C. (Taiwan). For M-coins purchased by the user, refunds will be processed on a first-purchased-first-refunded basis. In other words, M-coins will be refunded based on their purchase dates, with those purchased earlier being prioritized for refunds. MacroMicro will calculate refunds based on the original price of the M-coins (before any purchase plan discounts). Those who applied a promotional discount during their purchase will not benefit from the original purchase discount upon refund. A necessary fee of 20% will be deducted, which is including but not limited, the charges by payment gateways during the purchase and refund processes, and otherwise administrative expenses etc.. . After deducting such charges and related processing fees, and once the refund procedure is finalized and confirmation is received from the payment processing company, the remaining amount will be refunded to the Taiwan dollar bank account within the territory of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) you provided. Each of the customer or  member’s account, unless for reasons attributable to our site, is allowed only a single refund.
    6. MacroMicro reserves the right to change or terminate any activities. Changes will be announced on the website. Users should frequently visit the site for updates. No further notifications will be provided.
    7. The price of purchasing M-coins may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations covert in NTD. Please refer to the amount displayed on the final payment interface.
  10. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

    The intellectual property rights in the software and programs applied by MacroMicro, as well as the contents available on the Site (including but not limited to, the works including articles, charts, indices and English abstracts presented by MacroMicro), shall remain vested in MacroMicro or other right owners pursuant to law. Without MacroMicro’s prior written consent, the following activities are strictly prohibited: 1) Downloading MacroMicro’s data; 2) Re-posting MacroMicro’s articles; 3) Arbitrarily using, modifying, reproducing, publicly broadcasting or presenting, disseminating, re-adapting, distributing, reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling MacroMicro’s works.

    Your citation or re-posting of any data or charts shall be subject to MacroMicro’s prior written consent.

  11. Additions and Amendments to Terms and Conditions

    You agree to be bound by the additions or amendments to the Terms and Conditions, if any, since the same are made public, and no separate notice will be served by MacroMicro. Your continued access to MacroMicro upon the public notice shall constitute your agreement to the amended terms and conditions.

  12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    The interpretation and application of the MacroMicro Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the R.O.C. laws.

    Users agree to settle the dispute arising from the access to MacroMicro, if any, amicably in good faith, and also agree that the litigation initiated therefor, if any, shall submit to the jurisdiction of Taiwan Taipei District Court in the first instance.


The Disclaimer is made by the MacroMicro corp. ( hereinafter referred to Company) for this site (hereinafter referred to as MacroMicro or Site). MacroMicro hereby represents and reminds you that any investment involves high risk and as a rational investor, you shall take the full responsible for your own investment decision. MacroMicro uses the best efforts to provide users with correct information and news, provided that no commitment or warrant will be provided by Site. No legal liability will be borne by the management personnel, responsible persons, directors, employees or agents of Company and its affiliated companies. Any person shall bear the risk if he makes or changes any investment decision relying on the information on Site. The data, information and analysis tools made available on Site are provided for reference only, while the actual data shall apply those released officially. The contents available on Site compile the analysis results provided by various parties and are provided for reference only. Please do not identify them as suggestions or offers for trading of financial products or other investments

MacroMicro will not be liable for the damages or legal liability for the loss or damage suffered by users, directly or indirectly, upon the investment made by them relying on or using the related information. The contents posted on Site shall not be identified as the investment basis, nor shall they represent the Company’s position.

Insofar as it is permitted laws, the management personnel, responsible persons, directors, employees or agents of Company and its affiliated entities will not bear the damages caused by the following circumstances:

  1. Interruption or suspend transmission of the services available on Site;
  2. Software bug, virus, Trojan Horse or similar program transmitted by a third party via the services available on Site;
  3. Completeness or accuracy of any advertisement on Site or the trust existing therein, or any relationship or transaction between you and any advertiser or sponsor of the advertisement;
  4. Any potential changes made by Site to the services, or any adjustment made by Site in order to suspend the services, in whole or in part, permanently or temporarily;
  5. You fail to provide the Site with correct account information;
  6. You fail to keep your personal profile with care or in confidence;

Should you find or believe that the contents available on the Site are defective, or should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send a mail via [email protected]. MacroMicro will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Privacy Policy

Welcome to visit MacroMicro (hereinafter referred to as MacroMicro/the Site). MacroMicro values your privacy and, therefore, adopts the “MacroMicro Privacy Policy” to present to all users its policy to protect users’ privacy. We hope that you may verify the way in which we use the information and various measures adopted by us to protect your privacy.

  1. Collection of Personal data and Purpose Thereof

    When you register the MacroMicro membership, subscription function or access to related services, MacroMicro might demand that a user should provide his personal data or register the membership to help communication of the latest news, public notice or procedure for processing subscriptions about MacroMicro. Meanwhile, Site strictly complies with the “Personal Data Protection Act” in R.O.C (Taiwan) and, therefore, will use the best efforts to protect your personal data security through any applicable and feasible technology and procedure.

  2. Processing and Utilization of Personal Data
    1. The personal data may be utilized everywhere when MacroMicro is surviving.
    2. MacroMicro will never sell your personal identification information, unless the personal data is disclosed due to force majeure or any circumstances other than MacroMicro’s negligence (e.g. hacker’s invasion or system bug, et al.), in which case MacroMicro will not bear any liability therefor.
    3. In the following circumstances, MacroMicro will make your personal data available to a third party upon service of a notice to you:
      • Certain services of MacroMicro might be provided in collaboration with other strategic suppliers of MacroMicro. In order to provide such products or services, we must provide the specific personal data to the strategic suppliers. Such products or services accessed by you shall rely on the privacy policies of MacroMicro and the strategic suppliers, respectively. MacroMicro will not share your personal data with a third party for marketing purposes.
      • In some cases, MacroMicro, as a company strictly abiding by laws, has to disclose your personal data per laws, legal procedures, proceedings, or public institute or government department’s request, or a third party claiming infringement upon its rights and presenting adequate proof. In consideration of the national security, law enforcement or other major public interest, we also might disclose your personal data upon evaluating the necessity or adequacy legally.
      • In order to enforce MacroMicro’s terms and conditions or protect the operations or users, we might also disclose your personal data after evaluating that the disclosure is considered reasonable and necessary. Further, upon the reorganization, consolidation or sale of the Company, if any, your personal data will be transferred to the related third parties.
      • Please also note when you upload or re-post any messages to Site, the messages will be identified as non-confidential information, and you will be held granting the valid license thereto and agree that Site may edit, publicly transmit, or use in any other manner the same information, in part or in whole, and transfer or license said rights to a third party. If you have no the authority to grant said valid license, please do not transmit or re-post it. MacroMicro will not bear the non-disclosure obligation or any other liability therefor.
  3. Access by Cookie to Personal Data
    1. Cookie refers to some technology applied by Site’s server to communicate with the user’s browser. It might store some information in the user’s PC, but the user may cancel or restrict such function by settings in the browser without limitation. When you access Site, you do not need to enter any personal data, such as name or email address. The Site might apply the cookie technology to record trails including your IP address, browser type and time, in order to help provide you with the services that might better fit your needs.
    2. The right to stop being tracked. Visitors have the right not to be tracked. If you want your behavior not to be tracked through cookies, please click the Opt-Out link for further settings.
  4. Changes

    MacroMicro shall be entitled to amend or change the Policy at any time. You are suggested to keep noting such amendments or changes from time to time. Your continued access to Site upon the amendments or changes, if any, shall represent that you have read, acknowledged and accepted the same.

  5. Contact Us

    Should you have any questions about MacroMicro’s privacy policy, please send a mail to [email protected] . MacroMicro will contact you as soon as possible.