Are you looking to invest, but are in need of guidance? MarcoMicro offers everything you need to know

The name MacroMicro is derived from macroeconomics and microeconomics. Our mission is to decode data and empower individual investors to make smarter and more informed investment decisions with our services.

We transform complex financial and economic data into actionable insights in dynamic and easy-to-understand charts. Here, you’ll find the best guidance into the global market.

Macroeconomics is the key to every investment,
be it stocks, forex, bonds or commodities

Dynamic Charts

Visualized data and trends to enhance your investment efficiency

Exclusive Fundamental Index

Our economic cycle charts and MMFIs come in handy

Powerful Toolbox

Access to extensive data and powerful functions that allows you to conduct your own analysis

Expert Guidance

Reports and analysis to inspire your quest for macro insights

Why we created MacroMicro

Our founders, Rachel Chen and Ken Wang, have worked 15+ years in their field, investment research and software engineering. We believe in combining technology with research expertise to transform data into insights.

Partners at MacroMicro are outstanding. Our research associates have a passion for writing codes; our engineers are crazy about analyzing financial markets. Together we utilize technology to unleash the power of data and fundamentals, and we present to you the economic cycles and investment insights.

MacroMicro is a start-up company from Taiwan. We aim to go global and strive to bring integrity and positivity to the frenzied markets.

Connect the dots. Let the numbers speak.