MM Point of View

Economic cycles, sometimes referred to as business cycles, are driven by human behaviors. Economic cycles are divided into four distinct segments: expansion, slowdown, recession, and recovery.​

Herd mentality and urge to maximize profits are typical human behaviors that cause the economy to rally and crash. Financial markets in the past 300 years have shown such pattern.

Each economic phase requires a different asset allocation strategy. Measuring cycles in data, Macromicro observes market directions, and then we find fitting investment targets to raise the odds of winning.​

Charts and Insights​

Guides to macro investment and global research​
Charts that reveal insights and opportunities​

Tools and Functions​

You can find「Global Economic Cycle」 chart and other macro data of different economies here.
MM Fundamental Index helps you grasp fundamentals of each asset class!
MacroMicro auto-analyzes CFTC trader positions and presents weekly and long-term fund flows.
MacroMicro analyst team finds crucial insights in macro data, and publishes them on Spotlight Chart for you.
Our data computing reveals relevance between data and asset prices. “Quant” powers your trading strategies.
MacroMicro offers a real-time trading dashboard covering global markets and asset classes, and even COT data of institutional traders.