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1. Upstream: mainly consists of suppliers of materials and components (e.g., chemicals, backlights, and photomasks) and equipment manufacturers (e.g., driver ICs and circuit boards). Currently, Taiwanese suppliers occupy a strong position in the upstream segment for certain components but do not dominate the entire segment. For example, upstream materials for specific panels (such as TFT-LCD) are dominated by Japanese suppliers.

2. Midstream: mainly consists of panel manufacturers that supply LCD panels, display modules, and related production and testing processes. Panel manufacturing processes require advanced technologies and rigorous production capabilities. Since end-market applications are constantly evolving and iterating, apart from investing in specialized equipment, midstream manufacturers also have to focus on optimizing production capacity and prioritizing R&D and investment to maintain competitiveness.

3. Downstream: mainly comprises suppliers of end products. LCD panels can be divided into large and small-and-medium displays. Large area displays include TVs, laptops, and LCD monitors. Small-and-medium products include tablets, smartphones, and automotive control panels. Most downstream panel manufacturers are companies focusing on consumer electronics applications.


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