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Exports YoY

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Major Economies

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World - World Trade Volume (YoY)
-0.80 %
Reveals the connection between supply side and world trade, manufacture.
US - Imports - Goods & Services (YoY)
4.48 %
Service/goods imports and exports, trade balance...
Eurozone - Exports (YoY)
14.0 %
Imports/Exports and breakdown by item, eurozone current account balance...
Japan - Exports Value(YoY)
8.30 %
Exports and imports, trade balance, overseas machinery orders...
China - Total Value of Exports(USD, YoY)
7.60 %
Import and export volume, new export orders, containerized freight index...
Taiwan - Total Exports Value (YoY)
3.50 %
Imports/exports, export orders, exports of electronics, trade balance...
US - Exports - Goods & Services (YoY)
5.06 %
Machinery and transportation machineries are the main exports from the EU and North America, accounting for nearly 30%.
China - Total Value of Exports(USD, YoY)
7.60 %
Asian countries mostly focus on skill-intensive industries, whose exports account for nearly 30% of the country's GDP.
Russia - Exports (YoY)
5.05 %
Russia and Brazil mainly export natural resources like oil, gas and iron ore.
China - Shanghai Containerized Freight Index [SCFI]
Key indicators for maritime shipping rates

Other Economic Data

US - Imports - Goods & Services (YoY)
4.5 %
US - Current Account Balance (% of GDP)
-2.1 %