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In a debt based economy, higher sales lead to higher business inventories and higher price, this also reflects in higher consumer confidence. When economy is tumbling down. sales plummet, causing business owners to reduce their inventory size. Lower
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Taiwan's derisking strategy in action: China's influence is waning as its leading trade partner. Post-pandemic economic challenges in China and the formation of the Chip 4 Alliance by the U.S. have resulted in a notable decrease, lowering China's sh
Since consumption accounts for 70% of U.S. GDP, the Consumer Confidence Index by the Conference Board (CB) and the Consumer Sentiment Index by the University of Michigan (UMich) provide important insights into the health of the economy. Both based on
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Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Unlike fiat currency, bitcoin is not dictated by Central banks nor processed by third-party providers. Bitcoin transaction data transfers from one block to another block without going through an intermediary
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