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MacroMicro/財經M平方 is the first platform in Asia dedicating in uncovering the relation between economic data and investment product. We provide new and up-to-date charts and analysis, to which investors can have access on our website.

  • Quantitative Analysis We uncover the relation between data and product
  • MMFI We provide exclusive fundamental indices
  • Friendly Charts The global market is within reach
  • Long-term Trend Let history be the guide
  • FinTech All charts are updated automatically

We include major economies- the US, China, EU, Japan, and Taiwan, and all assets- stocks, forex, bonds, and commodities, and more to come.


Exclusive Monthly Report

MM releases Exclusive Report every month. Our founder and research team summarize the market change and overall economic conditions for you. In the monthly report, you will find the most up-to-date investing trends and advice. With our occasional newsletter, we provide critical analysis on economic events ahead of everyone else.

Powerful Toolbox

You will have access to our database and a powerful toolbox for researching. With the toolbox, you can create your own secret charts and keep track. Beta calculator allows you to personalize your investing strategies.

  • Chart maker:Create your secret index
  • Rate of return calculator:Calculate the highest rate of return
  • Relevance calculator:Examine relevance and leading/lagging relation between indices
  • Timeline:Know how economic or political events impact prices
  • Backtesting tool:Personalize your own investing strategies

Expert Analyst Community

MacroMicro is a group of people who are passionate about analyzing and investing. As a MM PRO member, you can share your insight in Analyst. Join the community and make progress with us! You can collect more M coins by hitting likes, and redeem MM PRO membership extensions.

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