【Macro in 2 Minutes】The Most Crucial Charts of 2024

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📊🔍 Explore the future of the bull market with MacroMicro's essential charts for 2024! From inflation influenced by oil prices to the Fed's potential actions, rate cut expectations, job market stability, and global economic recession probabilities – we've got you covered.

🛢️💹 Inflation Insights: Dive into the impact of oil prices on inflation and the crucial $90 threshold for maintaining inflation below 1.5 percentage points. 💼🏦 Fed's Dilemma: Uncover the Fed's potential moves as liquidity buffers decline, exploring the threshold for liquidity risks and the possibility of rate cuts or QT adjustments. 📈💸 Rate Expectations: Get a glimpse into the Federal Reserve's rate-cut expectations, aligned with decreasing inflation and market projections of a 150 basis point reduction starting March 2024. 🌐📉 Job Market Stability: Address concerns about a cooling U.S. economy, assessing the stability of non-farm employment increases to dispel recession worries. 🔮📉 Global Economic Recession Probability: MacroMicro's compass for navigating the economic landscape. As long as it stays below 50% and trends downward, the likelihood of a significant stock market crash diminishes.

👉 Full Article: https://t.co/tFIQYISVDw

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