Dear all, I am Rachel Chen, the CEO and founder of MacroMicro. As the year draws to a close, I want to take you back through the entirety of 2023 in this month’s CEO House View. We here at MacroMicro want to review the predictions our research team have made, what we got right and what exceeded our expectations, while also discussing how the team here at MacroMicro adjusted our strategies in response to these developments. This retrospective examination is an opportunity to evaluate whether using macroeconomic data for strategic investment has truly been beneficial for you, to learn, and to progress together.

What Calls Proved Successful?

Firstly, recall in mid-2022, when the market was concerned about soaring inflation and the risk of stagflation, we analyzed the stock market through the intersecting cycles of the economy, inflation and interest rates. Drawing from six historical cycles, we concluded that when inflation falls and interest rates start to shift, stock markets stabilize despite weak economic data, indicating the formation of a market bottom. This scenario played out in Q4 2022, followed by a U-shaped recovery in Q4 2022 into Q1 2023, during which the stock market gradually rebounded from its lows.


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