⭐ Three Highlights of the MM Global Econ Calendar

  • Stay updated on key data releases with automated notifications
  • Easily compare the latest data with previous values and links to charts
  • Instant notifications on your phone for data updates on MacroMicro

Do you find yourself scrambling to open related webpages or searching for news every time the latest inflation or employment print is out?

Besides coming to the MM Daily section on MacroMicro to keep track of things, you can go one step further and incorporate the calendar you see on MM Daily into your own personal calendar!


By setting up the MM Econ Calendar, you’ll be able to access a comprehensive schedule of the most important data releases right in your own Apple/Google calendar, along with previous data values and links to corresponding charts!. Everything at your fingertips for effortless tracking.


About the MM Econ Calendar

The MM Econ Calendar allows users to efficiently monitor key data updates and market trends. Not only would this be useful for identifying potential turning points in economic cycles, with MM Econ Calendar, you’ll be able to develop a more systematic view on macro trends by incorporating macro data oversight to your day-to-day.

1. What data points can you expect to receive notifications about?

Not sure which indicators to prioritize with so many macroeconomic data prints every day? We’ve got your back! The data releases included in the MM Econ Calendar are meticulously selected by our research team. They are the essential data points/events our research associates closely follow.

Markets covered include the US, Taiwan, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, emerging markets and more. And data types mainly include: key indicators on economic growth, essential indicators for monitoring changes in economic cycles, interest rate decisions by major central banks, and other key macro events (such as the release of FOMC minutes).

Whether it's the US nonfarm employment and unemployment rate, China's PMI, or interest rate announcements of major central banks, you'll receive notifications when the data is released, reminding you to view the data!

2. So I’ll get a notification when new stats are released. What else?

In each notification, we also include a link to the corresponding chart plus the previous or consensus/forecast value to put things nicely in context. So you’ll be able to get started on analyzing trends with just a few clicks, no more opening the browser and searching for the charts!

Where to Claim and Set Up the MM Econ Calendar?

The MM Econ Calendar is only available to annual plan subscribers, but good news! We’ve just launched our Easter special offer featuring a lifetime discount on our annual subscription plans ($360/year → $230/year). This is a limited-time offer that ends on March 31st.

To claim the MM Econ Calendar:

  • Free members: Tap into the Easter offer to subscribe to the MM Prime annual plan.
  • MM Prime monthly plan subscribers: To take advantage of the Easter offer and upgrade to the annual plan, please fill out this form and our support team will assist from there.
  • MM Prime annual plan subscribers: You’re all set to go! To set up the calendar, please look for the MM Econ Calendar banner in the bottom right corner in Member Profile. But read on to learn how to proceed from there first.

How to Add MM Econ Calendar to My Personal Calendar?

First, please head to the Member Profile page, and look for the MM Econ Calendar banner in the bottom right corner. From there, based on the device you’re using (iOS vs. Android) and whether you’d like to add the econ calendar to your Apple or Google calendar, follow the steps below.

1. iOS - Google Calendar: Follow the three steps below. You can also customize the color and notification preferences for the econ calendar. file

2. iOS - Apple Calendar: Follow the steps outlined in the image below. file Important: Please avoid directly clicking on the “Apple Calendar” link. Adding the calendar this way will prevent the data release schedule from updating in real time.

3. Android - Google Calendar: Follow the steps outline in the image below. file

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