Dear friends of MacroMicro,

On this chilly day, I’ve settled into a cozy café with a cup of coffee, ready to pen down this letter. Writing this end-of-the-year letter has turned into a bit of a tradition, and here we are, celebrating its 8th year! 2023 was undeniably a remarkable year. Our team encountered challenges, achieved goals, and perhaps stumbled a bit along the way. Reflecting on it now, it has truly been an incredible journey!

Sticking to Our Philosophy: Letting Data Speak

Looking back, the start of 2023 was marked by prevailing pessimism across the global market. While talks of an impending economic recession dominated the conversation, our research team stood firm in our commitment to the fundamental principle of "letting data speak," and data guided us to the assessment that uncertainty surrounding inflation, interest rate, and the economy would dissipate soon.

As the year unfolded, through thorough research analyses, timely data updates and monitoring, and by highlighting and presenting the most relevant charts, we communicated with our users valuable market insights, as well as the importance of macroeconomics and of harnessing the power of data, as mastering macro trends opens the door to a world of great investment opportunities. (CEO House View | 2023 Year in Review: What Have We Learned?)

Make It Happen, Every Day is Day 1

2023 has been an incredible year for MacroMicro as well. We made substantial upgrades to the website, including the further optimization of our toolbox, and the introduction of more robust bookmark features. We also launched MacroMicroGPT and AI quantitative indicators, aiming to help investors access deeper insights.

Beyond that, we hosted the Global Economic Impact Summit, the largest macroeconomic forum in Asia, for the third consecutive year. And with the 2024 Taiwanese presidential election in sight, we conducted exclusive interviews with Taiwan's presidential candidates, focusing on economic matters and policy. These discussions presented an objective deep-dive into the challenges and opportunities Taiwan faces amidst the economic rivalry between the United States and China.


2023 has also been a year of accomplishments and milestones. MacroMicro proudly received the 8th National Industrial Innovation Award and secured a spot on the FinovateFall stage at New York's Times Square, where we introduced MacroMicro to over 2,000 financial decision-makers worldwide.

Our user base has now grown to 380,000, and in 2023 alone, our website generated an impressive 35.6 million views. Steadily, we are advancing toward becoming the world's leading macroeconomic website. When it comes to achieving ambitious goals, I really like the phrase “Make it happen”—let’s make it happen first, and then make adjustments. This mindset infuses each day with the freshness of Day 1, full of new possibilities. I hope this energy resonates with every one of you, who has shown great love and support for MacroMicro!


If you've been receiving our year-end letters each year, you've likely witnessed the continual expansion, growth, and evolution of MacroMicro. That said, our mission remains the same—to communicate the importance of economic data and empower everyone to take charge of their investments.

As we begin the new year, we want to assure you that we are here, continuously growing and moving forward alongside you. Your support means the world to us. Thank you for reading this letter, and may the year 2024 bring you joy and prosperity. Happy New Year!



Best regards,

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