MacroMicro has been working hard to offer the newest investing insight and to develop the smartest tools that can help investors analyze. We are glad to see our users are making greater use of our website as time marches on. This article is to help new users familiarize using it!

I. The US Dollar Cycle

You will find the term “The US Dollar Cycle” in almost all our reports and blog posts. The Dollar Cycle is made up of 10 years of bearish US dollar market and another 6 years of bullish.

The Dollar Cycle represents the market sentiment and fund flows of capital markets. The weakening dollar sends hope and implies stronger emerging markets performance, while a soaring dollar may represent a retreat of fund, therefore causing a crisis, like the LATAM debt crisis in the 1980s.

II. Must-save Charts for new users

As the current cycle comes close to an end, MacroMicro selected some important indicators.

End of Cycle Signals (See Macro → Global)

Indicators for global economic conditions:

1) MM Global Recession Probability
2) Global Economic Cycle
3) Probability of US Recession
The economic conditions of the US can serve as the leading indicator for the global economic conditions, because the US is the largest/leading economy across the world.

III. Investing Guides and Market Analysis

MacroMicro offers insightful charts, investing guides and exclusive reports that help you smooth sail into the market.

A) Spotlight (See M Perspective)

You can find out the logic behind these charts and why they are important. We use uncomplicated language to elaborate the details for our users.

B) Blog(See M Perspective)

Rachel Outlook focuses on the economic prospect on a global scale.
Macro Guides offer insights for market directions.
● Articles that navigate through economies and the commodities, for example, the US, Taiwan, Eurozone, China, Japan and forex, raw material, gold, bonds.

IV. Our Egde-- Dynamic Charts

A. Macro and Global Economic Cycle

Macro presents full-on economic indices of the US, China, Taiwan, the Eurozone, Japan and ASEAN.
We created Global Economic Cycle Chart to help you grasp the overall global economic conditions in just one glimpse!

B. Trader's Insight and MMFIs

MM Fundamental Index (MMFI) is an integral index for each commodity and market. You can find MMFI and other fundamental data in this section.

C. Global COT Flow and COT Trend (See Global Markets)

MacroMicro automatically analyzes the Commitment of Traders (COT) report released by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

D. Quant (See Number Cruncher)

MacroMicro's computing system selects highly correlated charts for you.

What's so special about MacroMicro?

  1. We have a large database and our own computing system.
  2. We visualize all economic indicators
  3. We carry out top-to-bottom analysis on market cycle and data
  4. We put together our own Fundamental Index and Global Economic Cycle Chart
  5. We are the first and most professional ETF-analyzing platform in Asia
  6. We connect people who emphasize on fundamental analysis

MacroMicro, the synonym of macroeconomics

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